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Душ с тайским акцентом

Философия строительства тайского жилья и устройства дома принципиально отличается от того, к чему мы привыкли в России. Настоящий культурный шок у россиянина может вызвать вход в жилое помещение через кухню. Не меньшее потрясение случается при походе в тайскую ванную комнату.
Вы оказались владельцем жилища в тайском стиле? Об особенностях тайского душа и о том, как сделать его более комфортным для европейца, мы говорим с менеджером по продажам компании Boonthavorn Пайроем Дангхау.

The Beach Road By Night

The Beach Road By NightDuring the day, Pattaya's main promenade, the four-kilometer Beach Road that parallels the city's curving Acapulco-like coastline, looks more like a seaside park-cool and breezy under the canopy of paim leaves with the blue calm waters for backdrop.
As darkness falls, the road suddenly comes alive with twinkling lights from high rise hotels and condos and the neon signs of bars, shops, restaurants and businesses that cater to tourists.

Elephants In ancient battlefield

Elephants In ancient battlefieldAs the country's best-known national symbol, the elephant has been closely associated with the Thai people for centuries. Being also Thailand's national animal, it has earned the adoration of many Thais and although its role in the society has diminished due to modernization, Thais continue to treat them with great respect. The rare "white elephant" is also deeply connected to Thai kings so much so that the former national flag has it as emblem.

Healthy Thai food Tom Yum

Healthy Thai food Tom YumSome people believe that the ingredients used to make torn yum may actually help prevent cancer of the digestive tract. This was revealed recently by the director of the Institute for Traditional Thai Medicine.
Tom yum has bai ma krut, or kaffir lime leaf, which is known for its blood-purifying properties; ta khai, or lemon grass, a common cure for digestive ailments; horn deang, or red onion, which is an anti-oxidant; and kha, or galanga ginger, which also aids in digestion.

The egg tradition of Thai desserts

The egg tradition of Thai dessertsTHE art of making Thai desserts was first practiced by the ladies of the court shortly after the arrival of the Portuguese in the Ayutthaya period during the reign of King Narai the Great. They introduced the use of eggs in concocting a variety of sweet treats.
Two other important ingredients are coconut and sugar. All are mixed in different amounts and cooked in several ways (boiling, frying, streaming). Thai desserts are distinct for their colors, presentation, taste and smell.

Какие сувениры привезти из Паттайи?

Какие сувениры привезти из Паттайи?Во время поездки в другую страну всегда возникает вопрос с сувенирами: что привезти друзьям и знакомым, чтобы сувенир был, как говорится, в тему, но и при этом не занимал много места в багаже и стоил недорого. Вот наиболее удачные на взгляд сувениры.

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