Healthy Thai food Tom Yum

опубликовано: 13-01-2011, 16:39 в разделе Прочая информация
Healthy Thai food Tom YumSome people believe that the ingredients used to make torn yum may actually help prevent cancer of the digestive tract. This was revealed recently by the director of the Institute for Traditional Thai Medicine.
Tom yum has bai ma krut, or kaffir lime leaf, which is known for its blood-purifying properties; ta khai, or lemon grass, a common cure for digestive ailments; horn deang, or red onion, which is an anti-oxidant; and kha, or galanga ginger, which also aids in digestion. Even the tiny and spicy chilies have anti-cancer properties. The institute has also studied 10 types of chili paste and found out that at least four of them help reduce cell mutation, which often leads to cancer.

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