The Beach Road By Night

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The Beach Road By NightDuring the day, Pattaya's main promenade, the four-kilometer Beach Road that parallels the city's curving Acapulco-like coastline, looks more like a seaside park-cool and breezy under the canopy of paim leaves with the blue calm waters for backdrop.
As darkness falls, the road suddenly comes alive with twinkling lights from high rise hotels and condos and the neon signs of bars, shops, restaurants and businesses that cater to tourists. Part of the south end of the beach street is blocked off and made into a pedestrian mall appropriately called "Walking Street." The bars here often have "hawkers" on the sidewalk to attract business but they are not obtrusive. No one is harassed or menaced. A simple "no" sends them away. Nevertheless, it is not an uncommon sight to see silver-gray-haired white gentlemen walking with their arms around young girls.
A word of caution though. You may be a faceless stranger in this city, but it's well to remember that during this Orwellian age of live cams you can't really hide in the crowd. Secret cameras are strategically located along Beach Road, Walking Street and on Jomtien Beach. These real time images are fed live to the Internet, allowing people around the world-wives or husbands back hometo watch you as you walk down these roads.
Of course, such invasion of a visitor's "privacy" doesn't really matter, as long as you don't do anything wrong or foolish, like taking a pickup date for walk along these wired places. Two main streets run parallel to the Beach Road-the 2nd Road and the 3rd Road. Both are also full of shops and restaurants. The three streets are intersected by small alleyways, to create a herringbone grid. There are clubs and bars everywhere as well.
To attract more upscale tourism and families, a number of very elegant hotels have been built around these areas. There's the Hard Rock Hotel, not so far from Marriott near the town center. The Siam Hotel chain has two high quality comfortable properties. Then there's Bayside, Bayshore, Dusit Pattaya. All with 5-star properties and world-class services.
Pattaya may no longer be the sleepy fishing village it was fifty years ago. But, thankfully, life here remains neat and easy.

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