There's a lot to do on Walking Street

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There's a lot to do on Walking StreetTHE Walking Street in South Pattaya is a famous nightspot with some fantastic restaurants serving fresh fish and other mouthwatering seafood. But it's not all about dining and drinking, there are tailor shops and other souvenir outlets, too. Other gift shops abound along with ice cream parlors, pizzerias and snack houses.
There's a lot to do here. Start with a great meal at any restaurant. Move on south to Walking Street where thousands of tourists converge and let their hair down.
Everyone's dressed casually and many are content to just go bar hopping. Almost all bars hold shows until the wee hours. Other tourists prefer to walk further down and hang out in cafes for a cool drink.
The scene on Walking Street is repeated nightly as young souls explore the narrow alleys and dozens of clubs.

Few drivers are able to navigate their way as the streets are full of people by sunset.
Once the neon lights are switched on, the street turns into a night market, with hundreds of stalls selling everything. Music blares from just about everywhere. Then, the party begins.
From antiques and handicrafts to jewelry and electronics, from clothes and shoes to leather and toys, everything is available at the night market. Sidewalk artists can draw portraits in minutes. You can also have your hair braided at some shops.

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