Pattaya Beach and watersport paradise

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Pattaya Beach and watersport paradisePattaya's emergence as one of Southeast Asia's top tourist destinations has made it part of the travel itinerary, with several top resort and hotel chains having established their presence here. At the same time, it has been chosen as the venue for several international watersports competitions.
Before the economic boom in the late '80s, Pattaya was just a quiet fishing village with hardly any accommodation facilities. Back then, only the occasional backpacker or adventurous Bangkok resident took the time to explore the town.
But today, it is visited by everyone for its miles of beaches and vibrant nightlife. Amusement parks, bars, restaurants, clubs and cabarets have sprouted on all the main streets, giving Bangkok a run for its money when it comes to entertainment.
For a long time, Pattaya had only two parallel roads about 4 kms. long each that served as main point of entry on the way to the beaches. Recently, however, the southern part, mainly in Jomtien, has seen an increase in the number of commercial establishments, with real estate prices having gone up to new levels.
Probably the most interesting section of the city is South Pattaya, a narrow street on the southern tip of the main beach that is practically empty by day but is packed at night.
There'll always be something for everyone in Pattaya.

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