Be faithful to dude, or else

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Be faithful to dude, or elseIt's big news again. A woman from the northern province of Phetchaboon chopped off her hubby's penis!
But instead of the cruel boiling, feeding to ducks or tying the severed manhood to hot air balloon to disappear completely in the sky, as is often told in Thailand, Buariow Wannarat, 54, cast the chopped body part into a trash can at the local bus station.
Luckily, the police caught her somewhere between Phetchaboon and Bangkok while fleeing away on a public bus. She was escorted back so she could point the whereabouts of her husband's most important member.
Stories about angry women cutting their lovers manhood have become so popular in Thailand in the not-so-distant past. A well-known case was that of Preecha Nasomyon, 31, who had an argument with his wife over an extramarital affair. The fight ended with Preecha's penis being nearly completely severed by a large kitchen knife.
And there were more. Thai women must have drawn unusual inspiration from the Lorena Bobbin story. You knew how Lorena cut her husband's privates and threw it in an open field in Buffalo, New York.
Chopping off phalli is not unique to Thailand, but the kingdom has become one of the world's centers of phallus reattachment surgery. I have read Thai doctors having been inspired to hone skills in this kind of cosmetic surgery due to widespread cases of angered wives over their husbands' routine infidelity.
Thai women are unique in one aspect, though. They can be too harsh by preventing the re-attachment of their husband's member, making sure it will not be used anymore. So here comes the tale of boiling and feeding to ducks. I have yet to hear it being grounded in a mortar or crushed on the road by a speeding vehicle. But one woman managed to run to the toilet after a successful beheading and flushed the poor thing into toilet bowl!
As for the most recent offending woman from Phetchaboon, she may have thought the garbage collector had disposed the garbage. But she was wrong. The severed penis was recovered and her husband was taken to the hospital for surgery.
Yes, Thai doctors are good at that. Even the phallus recovered from the septic tank was successfully rejoined. A surgeon at Paolo Memorial Hospital in Bangkok, Surasak Muang-sombot, performed the operation, but before doing
that, he warned the patient that he may get bacterial infection and could die. The man said, "do your best and if I get infection, I will die with my penis."
Yet no matter how good the surgeon is and the advancements made in penis re-attachment microsurgery, the male organ's sexual performance will never be the same, doctors admit. The quality of the result, they say, largely depend on the condition of the amputated part at the time of the operation, which also takes in most part the amount of time spent from the time it was chopped off and before the start of the surgery.
Concerning the toilet-flushed penis, Surasak said it was 15 hours passed between it being chopped off and reattached. They had to bribe the wife to confess its location and hired workers to retrieve it. "It was much longer than the books say it can be done, but I went ahead and to my surprise everything went fine," he said.
Information from Thaivi-sa forum says "You have six hours to reconnect a severed penis in order for the surgery to be effective." It must be what's in the book Surasak talked about, but you will be surprised some people saying
a day or two, at least. But then that was in Alaska where a man was lucky to have his penis sawed off in a frigid climate.
Back to Petchaboon. Mrs Buariow told police that she had been married for 21 years. She was 33 on her wedding day and her husband was 14 years her junior.
Recently, however, her husband started treating her badly. There was also a gossip that he was having an affair and when confronted, he told her he was going to leave her.
She then acquired sleeping pills and put her husband into a sleep and sliced off his penis.
Now the husband had probably recovered thanks to the good doctor who performed the operation and of course the police who brought the woman back. As for the man, it's quite an experience that will never be forgotten.
Doctor Surasak has a word of advice for unfaithful husbands. "If you have a mistress they (wives) will get mad and cut it any time, so make her very happy, always carry a thermos (best if filled with ice) to put it in and keep the name of a good doctor close by.
JONY Reese

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