Lose pounds with beach aerobics

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A HOLIDAY often gives us the excuse to skip our exercise regimen and instead indulge in sinful (but hey, it's yummy!) fare. Our thread mills and sit-ups are exchanged for long lazy lunches and even longer and lazier afternoons by the beach, sipping our favorite tropical drinks (or beers) and dozing off. And before we realize it, we have gained more pounds and start to panic.
When you are in Pattaya, you really don't have to hit the gym to shed off the pounds you've gained from the days of indulging. Drive by, or if you're near, walk to the beach road at around 6 p.m. every day and dance to the latest craze in town.
Join a group of aerobics enthusiasts as everybody is welcome to join this fun activity. The activity is supported by the local government of Pattaya to encourage healthy living among the locals and tourists. You just have to pitch in Bt10 and off you go on the way to shed excess pounds.
Plus, you can't really be shy around these people who are always armed with a warm smile for everyone - including even the onlookers who are lured by the blaring music around the area. The activity, set against a backdrop of glorious sunsets and boats anchored in the calm sea, plus the cool sea breeze, is not only an exercise but also a leisure activity.

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