Pattaya future is bright

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Pattaya future is brightPattaya is poised to be a shining star in the current global downturn, offering a high quality of living plus a positive on-going investment hub.
Property developers, investor's both commercial and private are continually drawn to the beach side city of Pattaya. The gorgeous weather, amazing beach's, Exotic foods, flamboyant nightlife and welcoming locals have supported an almost decade long surge in tourists, holiday home buyers, expats and retirees, which combined underpin a prolonged, positive outlook for the future property market here in Thailand.

Property prices have adjusted to the global economic slump but have fared much better than most S.E Asia countries and have seen nowhere near the same drop as their European and U.S counter parts. As the rest of the world is slowly edging it's way out of recession Thailand is seeing record highs in economic growth, continued foreign investment and massive infrastructure projects, resulting in a strong, sustainable future, leaving Thailand and Pattaya in particular the number one choice for foreign investors and property buyers alike.

The property market in Pattaya as else where in Thailand still fantastic value for money, catering for all taste's and budgets. A host of affordable, modern condominium projects are underway as are high end housing developments for those with deeper pockets and everything else in between. Developers here have reacted to the credit restraints in western countries and are offering direct finance which has fueled the continued influx of western buyers and investors.
So whether you're buying a vacation studio apartment or 5 bedroom villa as your retirement home Pattaya will not let you down.

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